#KOMO releases ‘Dawn’

KOMO returns with an EP ‘Dawn’ which is sure to find its audience due to its amazing atmosphere. ‘Dawn’ is an extremely romantic track that introduces the listener to the amazing world created by KOMO. AVAILABLE NOW: https://amzn.to/3n3LB88

The artist conveys a huge amount of emotion in this song which is a remarkable achievement.

KOMO is a DIY, female fronted, indie-electronic duo from Basingstoke, UK. The music is like Bat For Lashes meets Chromatics with singer and writer Amy’s unique voice and lyrical style being at the forefront of Bryan’s atmospheric arrangements. ‘Dawn’ is the duo’s first EP. The four songs were written while Amy (20) was suffering with a serious disease, so poignantly, they’re about self-development, growth, the end of adolescence and beginning of adulthood. KOMO are worthy of investigation because of Amy’s rare and different songwriting talent. At only 20 years of age her word paintings and poetic lyrics make you think but are not oblique and come from a strong female perspective.