A pictorial showing the lovely charm of actor #ChoBo Ah has been released.

– Flawless skin and unique atmosphere like a beauty icon
– Create poses and expressions freely for each cut

A pictorial showing the lovely charm of actor Cho Bo Ah has been released.

Recently, Cho Bo Ah released a pictorial full of health beauty of a cosmetic brand that he is working as a model, and is attracting attention with a unique atmosphere.

Cho Bo Ah in the published pictorial boasts flawless skin, big eyes, and a unique bright smile as a beauty icon. In addition, the white-toned costumes give a clear and clean image, capturing attention with a natural yet elegant atmosphere.

It is said that he not only radiates positive energy without losing laughter throughout the filming site with his extreme loveliness, but also freely takes poses and expressions for each cut, revealing his pictorial craftsmanship, and received cheers from the field staff.

Cho Bo Ah, who conveys such a healthy yet lovely charm, is currently reviewing his next work.