Top tips to help children as they go #backtoschool

Surlender Pendress, co-founder of The Love Writing Company, not only produces products to help children love writing right from the start of their educational journey, but also offers her top tips on how to make going back to school in September easy and anxiety-free.

Pendress, who lives in the Midlands, has always had a passion to help children with their learning journey and has designed products specifically for small hands. Pendress, who launched The Love Writing Co in August 2019, said she found that children were using pencils and crayons that simply did not fit their little hands and they became frustrated and disinterested with writing as a result. She knew that children needed writing products that are fun and easy to use.

The Love Writing Co’s latest product is a set of washable arty crayons that have a twist-barrel style, a smooth easy glide across the paper, are non-toxic, washable and come in 12 vivid colours. All the products in The Love Writing Co range, including handwriting and alphabet practice books, writing and colouring pencil bundles, and handwriting practice traceable birthday and thank you cards, are designed to inspire, encourage confidence, creativity and make a difference to children.

Going back to school after the summer break can be an anxious time for children, but Pendress suggests that “going back to school can also mean that you get to shop for amazing new pens, pencils, crayons and books!”

The Love Writing Co also offers classroom packs of 32 pencils for schools to help pupils on their learning journey. In addition, on The Love Writing Co website there are also free downloadable Handwriting and Alphabet Practice Sheets, full of fun and engaging activities for your child on their return to school.

But if a child still feels overwhelmed, here are her top tips. These also help to prepare children for starting school.

1. Set a night routine

Try to introduce an earlier bedtime, so your child can get used to their new routine rather than be unable to get up for their first day at school, or spend their first week back being overtired.

2. Set a morning routine

Set a consistent time to wake up and get up. This will guarantee your child has enough time to eat a nutritious breakfast that will keep them going throughout the day. Together with the earlier bedtime routine, it will ensure your child has plenty of rest and doesn’t have to rush and stress to get ready for school.

3. Shop for new writing tools and a new school bag

Get your child to help with getting their new school bag ready the night before, so you are all organised for the first morning back.

4. Manage your child’s emotions

With children not having attended school for long periods of time over the last 18 months, the prospect of returning to school can be quite a daunting time, particularly as the separation anxiety they may have developed through having previously spent so much time at home with their parents could prove a difficult emotion to overcome. Bedtime, morning, mealtime and homework routines will help to soothe their anxiety making changes much easier to deal with.

5. Get them excited for school

Helping your child get back into the school routine will be a lot easier if they are enthusiastic about it! The Love Writing Co has created some free downloadable activities for your little ones to complete to get them excited about returning to school. This will ensure they go into the new academic year with a positive mindset that embraces the change to their daily routine.

Recently chosen by former BBC Dragon and businessman Theo Paphitis to join his network of more than 3,000 small businesses, Surlender has made the most of the opportunity to gain exposure for The Love Writing Company at a national level. To find out more about The Love Writing Co and to download free Handwriting and Alphabet Practice Sheets, visit the website.