#aespa is the blue-chip loved by the advertising industry,

Takes over various sectors from luxury brands to banking!

aespa is the blue-chip loved by the advertising industry, following the music industry.

3 months after their debut, aespa was recognized for its unique color and charm, and was selected as the first K-pop artist to be the ambassador for the French luxury brand Givency, demonstrating its influence as a ‘global super rookie’.

Recently, she has been selected as an advertising model for various industries such as games, beauty, clothing, finance, and telecommunications. Love calls are pouring in from overseas brands as well as Korea.

A representative of the brand who used aespa as a model said, “As the hottest idol these days, aespa is getting a good response regardless of generation for its confident, trendy charm and attractive visual. As we foretold the full-fledged entry into the global market, including Korea, we expect to show good synergy in the global market as well as Korea.”

aespa is continuing its ‘long-run popularity’ by ranking at the top of major music charts outside of Korea with ‘Next Level’ released in May, and expectations are being raised to see what kind of performance they will perform in the future.