Time to pack your bags and head to the island #Corfu – Europe’s best destination for a wellness inspired break!

In a recent study commissioned by Radical Storage, a company offering luggage services to travelers, Corfu topped the list as the best European destination for a wellness city break. The latest Radical Storage survey ranks cities based on 11 factors from noise and air pollution to the available green space. Its analysis found that Corfu is the most stress-free destination for a getaway, scoring 78.9 percent in the wellness analysis. Positive scores came from the low light, noise and air pollution recorded in the city, in addition to easy transit to and from the island’s airport. So it’s off to The Courti Estate in Corfu!

Why not pack your bags and head to The Courti Estate on the island of Corfu an 18thcentury Venetian working estate with nine (9) luxury suites in the central manor house enclosed in a courtyard by numerous buildings, including a large olive press and private chapel. The infinity pool nestles beautifully amongst the olive groves with views of the olive press and the main living areas. The estate prides itself in its sustainability initiatives as its promoting from farm to table ingredients all grown organically in its gardens and what it can’t produce it sources sustainably from local producers.

Found in the beautiful traditional fishing village of Messonghi, a few hundred metres from the shores of the Ionian Sea, guests can choose from any number of authentic tavernas, award winning restaurants and sip cocktails at seaside bars boasting some of the best mixologists on the island.

The Courti Estate is offering trips based on wellness and wellbeing and to explore this beautiful island. The Estate offers complete privacy for clients seeking to relax, rejuvenate with a dedicated team of staff creating a tailor-made experiences.

An Immersive Art Retreat at The Courti Estate – From 3500 euro per person – From 11th to 18th September 2021, join the renowned abstract artist, Furrah Syed. This week-long retreat will showcase how to channel ones inner artist and explore ones untapped creativity in a multi-sensory and holistic approach using touch, texture, colour and energy. No previous art experience needed. Furrah will share mindfulness techniques she uses to help improve ones ability to focus and create positive outcomes mentally, emotionally and physically. Feel a tension relief with every stroke on the canvas. The aim is to learn to embrace the power of creating in the moment by remaining focused so you can achieve fulfilment on a holistic level.

Olive Harvest at The Courti Estate – From 2995 euro per person – From 6th to 13th November – take part in a traditional olive harvest experiences in the outmost luxury of the Courti Estate. Take part in the olive harvest of the estate’s olive grove, watching the hand-picked olives’ journey to the press and the bottling plan. Along with the harvest, there is wine tasting, celebrity chef gastronomy, touring of historic sites, flamingo spotting along protected nature-reserve beach walks.

Wellness by Courti – From 4,950 euro per person – From 1st to 8th October 2022 – Heal Mind, Body & Soul in the privacy and tranquillity that The Courti Estate offers its guests. The Wellness by Courti means that guests have the opportunity to have a qualified personal trainer, yoga instructor and massage therapist to help them reach their fitness and wellbeing goals. The day starts with a healthy breakfast prepared by the Courti’s private chef. All meals are prepared on site using fresh organic produce grown on the estate’s grounds or sourced locally. Guests can book sessions according to their preferred schedule for massage, yoga, Pilates or meditation between the 5pm to 7pm. However, everyday there are different activities from TRX & HIIT to horse riding and yoga on the beach. There are leisure opportunities too with organised local excursions.

The Courti Estate can be booked as a villa of nine (9) en-suite rooms or book individual suites during the there are the Corfu Appreciation Experience Weeks available on specific dates where individual bookings for suites are taken.