Girls’ Generation #SUNNY (SM) activities as the variety show queen continues to flourish.

The secret to popularity is honest + cheerful progress that elicits empathy
A hot love call in the entertainment industry!

Girls’ Generation SUNNY (SM) activities as the variety show queen continues to flourish.

First, SUNNY is a beauty manager who generously discloses his own know-how in ‘뷰티 앤 부티 시즌6’, a DongaTV entertainment program that introduces hot and trendy items from beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, and provides exhilaration with honest reviews. As an MC, he is getting a hot response.

In addition, SUNNY, who is usually known as a representative of the entertainment industry, has transformed into a show host who receives stories about dogs and cats every month through live commerce ‘SUNNY의 월간멍냥’, suggests solutions that are appropriate for them, and sells related products.

In addition, SUNNY started a full-scale spicy project with members Kim Shin Young, U-IE, and Choi Yoo Jung, who were formed to spread the hidden spicy taste across the country in the IHQ entertainment program ‘스파이시 걸스’

Here, in the web entertainment ‘전설의 연습생’, which is scheduled to be released for the first time on the 30th, it is expected that he will become a legendary trainee ‘순규’ of 15 years who meets an active idol and learns his debut know-how. is attracting attention.

As such, SUNNY is receiving a lot of love calls from the entertainment industry by showing its all-round ability everywhere with its candid and cheerful charm and communication method that draws sympathy in various topics of entertainment programs.