#Sphereworth Announces the Sale of a Tournament Putter Engraved With the Names of Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Walter Winchell, and Bob Hope

Sphereworth offers the ultimate putter for any golfer or collector. This winning putter trophy award came from the putting contest that took place before the PGA Tournament of Champions at The Desert Inn hosted by Wilbur Clark. This historic piece is engraved with the names of Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Walter Winchell, and Bob Hope.

The star on the putter has five genuine diamonds that surround one clear stone that is not a diamond. The two red stones have not been tested for their authenticity and would need to be removed to do so. Removal may affect the original appearance of this beautiful keepsake.

This putter is the only one known in existence at this moment and would be quite the ultimate showpiece for any seasoned golf collector. This came from the estate of Wilbur Clark who owned the Desert Inn with proof of legal purchase.

Asking price is $1.5 Million and offers may be submitted to the owner/manager directly at hd@michaelvargo.com. Sales tax will apply to the transaction. High resolution photos and additional information are available at http://www.sphereworth.com