Eulyn Thomas’ New Book ‘The Cats Who Brought Presents’ is an Adorable and Funny Tale About 3 Cats Who Find Special Gifts for Their Mom’s Birthday

Fulton Books author, Eulyn Thomas, is a veteran teacher teaching in the District of Columbia. She has completed her most recent book “The Cats Who Brought Presents”: a humorous yet sweet story about three innocent cats who just want to give a present for their mother’s birthday, but little do they know that their mother would react differently from what they expect.

Mom better watch out because her feline companions are full of gratitude, and they are not afraid to show it.

-Amuche Nwafor – the Poet

This is a colorfully illustrated and beautifully written story that will bring immense joy and laughter to the entire family.

– Sunni Imhotep II

Published by Fulton Books, Thomas’ book is an exciting and wonderful read that shows the thoughtfulness of giving something to someone that is heartfelt as a sign of gratitude. It also shares about love and appreciation of having a family.