Band #LUCY releases their first solo concert behind-the-scenes photobook

Band LUCY releases their first solo concert behind-the-scenes photobook… “It will be a special gift filled with fan love”
– LUCY’s first photobook, ‘behind the scenes cut->interview book’ consists of a variety of… Pre-sale in progress

Next-generation K-band LUCY will release their first photobook.

LUCY (Shin Ye Chan (violin), Choi Sang Yeop (vocal and guitar), Cho Won Sang (bass and producer), Shin Gwang Il (drum and vocal)) held their first solo concert ‘ A photo book containing the story of ‘LUCY ISLAND: First Landing’ will be released.

This photobook, which contains about 100 pages of behind-the-scenes cuts from LUCY’s first solo concert, has increased the value of its collection as it contains various postcards, stickers, posters, and photo cards.

In particular, an interview book containing LUCY’s impressions and stories after successfully completing the first concert is included, which doubles the meaning, and it is expected to be a gift filled with gratitude to the fans who have given a lot of support and love.

LUCY’s photobooks are being reserved and sold through the Makestar online site, and a video call event is in progress for purchasing customers.

Meanwhile, LUCY has been expanding its position as a next-generation K-band by recording sold-out seats from the first solo concert held in June to the performances held this month.