Author R.L. Lovejoy’s New Book ‘Politics Meets the Gun’ is a Chilling Tale of Love, Taking Responsibility, and Bloodthirsty Taste for Revenge

R.L. Lovejoy, a talented author with a wild imagination, has completed her new book “Politics Meets the Gun”: a gripping tale is reminiscent of an old western with a vengeful outlaw and a woman fighting to protect the identity of her son’s father.

Lovejoy writes of secretive beginnings, “One secret in the wrong hands has the potential to destroy the future.  Sue Lincoln killed a man after years of blackmail to protect her son, Cole, from learning the true identity of his father. Two years had passed since that Friday in 1904. No one suspected her involvement.  It was little comfort considering her troubles had escalated until the day of reckoning had come to pass. Cole was on his way home now to force the truth about his outlaw father out of her. Her surrogate mother, Betty, had called minutes ago to forewarn her of his intentions. With fearful urgency, she whispered through the crackling phone line, ‘He knows.'”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, R.L. Lovejoy’s compelling tale follows Cole, the son of a dead outlaw who fought to the finish in hopes of exacting his revenge.

When his mother is raped at the hands of a Sheriff, Cole befriends his enemies deceitfully, to gather the necessary evidence to destroy them where his father had failed.

Readers who wish to experience this chilling work can purchase “Politics Meets the Gun” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.