Maxim Model Sherry Nelson’s “Little Diva” Featured As Dog Of The Month In REEL LUMIERE Magazine

Maxim Model/Actress/TV Host Sherry Nelson is sharing the spotlight with her amazing dog “Little Diva” as REEL LUMIERE Magazine’s August Dog Of The Month….for National Dog Month.

REEL LUMIERE Magazine is a monthly publication that provides readers with glimpses “behind the curtain” of “distinguished women” who are showcased each issue. Life stories of achievements and struggles are antidotal and provide readers hope. These accomplished women took risks, found their passion and often followed the “path less traveled.”

An inspiration to those surrounding the her, formerly working in the Canadian Forest and Lumber Industry now Maxim Model, and overwhelmingly popular TV/radio host and personality, Sherry Nelson has become America’s sweetheart.

Sherry has hosted the most innovated and illuminated podcasts, zoom shows, “Movie Reviews and More”, “Freakin’ Awesome”, “Roger The Wild Child” and FanRoom Live. She has interviewed and hosted showcases featuring the most iconic celebrities including: Leland Sklar from Toto, Kenny Aronoff from Smashing Pumpkins, Scott Page from Pink Floyd, Randy Edelman, world famous pianist and film scorer, Chuck Billy and Alex Skolnick from Testament, C.J. Ramone, author Howard Bloom, TV Host Mickey Burns, Kenny Lee Lewis from The Steve Miller Band, Stephen Perkins from Janes’s Addiction, actor Leon, Kenny Olson from Hendrix Experience, John Velasco world famous music publisher, and the list goes endlessly on.

Check out the August Issue of REEL LUMIERE Magazine here:

Don’t miss the feature on Little Diva and Sherry Nelson’s interview with Deborah Driggs…..