Blue Birthday’ KIM YERIM

Hot reaction with emotional expression that increases immersion
New episodes of ‘Blue Birthday’ available every Friday and Saturday 7PM KST on NAVER TV & YouTube

‘Blue Birthday’ KIM YERIM(Red Velvet YERI, SM) in the drama ‘Blue Birthday’ are raising anticipation for the upcoming story.

In her playlist drama ‘Blue Birthday’, KIM YERIM is getting a hot response by challenging her first lead role in the role of ‘Oh Harin’ who doesn’t cover fire for her first love.

In the published photo, KIM YERIM stimulates the love cells of those who see him dating ‘Ji Seo-Jun (Hong-Seok)’ with eyes and a smile that reflects her happiness.

Conversely, in the other photos, KIM YERIM is crying with full of sadness, raising curiosity about the story of the tears.

As such, KIM YERIM is receiving good reviews for expressing her polar and polar emotions in an elegant way, increasing the immersion of her viewers, and showing her strong presence as the lead role in her every episode.

From the 6th, ‘Blue Birthday’, which was released exclusively on NAVER TV, can also be seen on YouTube, so it is expected to receive more love from global viewers.

On the other hand, ‘Blue Birthday’, in which KIM YERIM’s performance catches the eye, is a work that depicts the story of the past and present through the mysterious photo he left behind, the first love who chose death on my birthday 10 years ago, every Friday and Saturday afternoon. It will be released on NAVER TV and YouTube at 7 PM.