Singer and actor #MINSEO has released a new profile picture of a new charm.

– MINSEO, released a new profile picture with colorful charms
– MINSEO, the role of Ria in the terrestrial debut ‘Imitation’
– MINSEO, active in two fields of ‘music<->acting’… Next move ‘Expectation UP↑’

Singer and actor MINSEO has released a new profile picture of a new charm.

MINSEO, who was recognized for her solid acting skills by perfectly digesting ‘Ria’, which has both talent as well as appearance and personality in KBS2’s ‘Imitation’, which ended on the 23rd, released a new profile picture.

In the photo, MINSEO added fashionable and casual charm with jeans and sneakers, and caught the eye with her innocent and fresh look with her wavy hair hanging down.

Then, MINSEO, who reversed the atmosphere with a black outfit, radiated a chic charm with a more mature look, creating a simple and sophisticated atmosphere.

In particular, the alluring black dress made MINSEO’s visual stand out even more, and she showed off her high fashion digestibility by digesting colorful moody outfits and concepts as if it were her own.

MINSEO shows outstanding musical capabilities across genres such as ‘Like’, ‘Is Who’, and ‘No Good Girl’, In addition to the recently ended drama ‘The Imitation’, the web drama ‘좀 예민해도 괜찮아 시즌2’, and ‘어쨌든 기념일’, he has been active as the main character in a number of works, and he is also prominent as an actor.

As MINSEO continues to be active in both fields of music and acting, anticipation is being raised for another side to be shown in the future.