Chinese/Irish Rapper, GZ Tian, Releases Single ‘#HardEnoughToForgetYou’ Featuring SAZ

GZ Tian’s Single ‘HardEnoughToForgetYou’ Introduces A New Wave of Rock into the UK Scene

Dubbed “The Future of UK Punk Culture” by Legendary Punk Bassist Jah Wobble, GZ Tian is Reinvigorating the Pop-Punk Genre

Watch Exclusive ‘HardEnoughToForgetYou’ Video Here

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“GZ Tian flaunts pulsating melodies, hard-hitting percussion, combined with Chinese instrumentation.” – 9Bills

“…with serious potential for a breakout year ahead in the world of music” – Soccerbible

LONDON, England July 2021 — Rising Chinese/English artist GZ Tian releases a music video for his new sinngle ‘HardEnoughToForgetYou’, on the 29th July, 2021 and will appear on his highly anticipated EP “AniEmo”, out on the 12th August, 2021. The song features SAZ, a duo that blends indie, soul, acoustic, hip-hop and ambient elements, creating gripping soundscapes which are recognised throughout the track.

The release of ‘HardEnoughToForgetYou’, follows the success of GZ Tian’s latest single ‘IWATCHANIMEWITHYOURB****’ which peaked at Number 1 on the Swedish iTunes chart, setting the pace for his next releases. GZ Tian’s music gives you an insight into who he is as well as a glimpse into his creative process, with most of his songs being produced by GZ himself, ‘HardEnoughToForgetYou’ is one out of all the songs on his upcoming EP that he produced. The Manchester raised musician is very familiar with the craft as well, having being raised by his parents who both share a background in music, allowing him to grow up in this atmosphere making it not too much of an enigma to him. Blending true elements of pop-punk and rock, the ‘HardEnoughToForgetYou’ video features both GZ Tian and SAZ in a dingy garage, with a high school band aesthetic to it which matches the heartbreak theme throughout the song, as well as GZ’s unique sound and songwriting style. GZ Tian produced this song with Zane from SAZ, focusing mainly on the hyper-pop elements.

With both artists residing in North West London, it was only natural that the pair collaborated on this song. GZ says, “More time, Zane (SAZ) will just call me for a session and I’ll jog over his house in ten minutes. That’s how this song was created it was very organic”. GZ Tian says, “I remember we were both going through some stuff at the time, we were having conversation about ex’s and the toxicity of the conventional 21st century relationship – so I decided to write about that. That’s how I typically approach songwriting. I’ll find a concept in the conversation I’m having with the producer or artist, and write from that perspective”. When it comes to the visuals for the video, GZ drew inspiration from Japanese bands such as Kana-Boon and Flow, and even old school English punk videos like The Sex Pistols and PiL.