Ko A #Sung spread good influence.

‘Good influence’

– Donation + medical supplies with sisters… Opened ‘Breathing Care Support Project’ for cancer patients’ families
– Ko A Sung, delivered the message “I hope that it will be an energy for caregivers who have suffered mentally and physically”

Ko A Sung spread good influence.

Together with the sisters, they delivered donations for cancer patients’ carers to Cha Medical University’s Bundang Cha Hospital, laying the groundwork for the Bundang Cha Hospital’s first project, ‘Care for Breathing Care Support for Cancer Patient Guardians’.

This project is a campaign that anyone can participate in, and it has a special meaning as the opinions of Ko A Sung, who requested continuous support for cancer patients’ carers, are actively reflected. As part of the donation of 10 million won from Ko A Sung and his sisters, the entire amount will be used to support the cost of care for low-income families.

Ko A Sung visited the hospital several times to express his intention to donate, as well as hand-wrapped cards and hand-wrapped medical supplies to deliver warmth. “While my mother was battling the disease, she shared many thoughts with her sisters about the patient and the family taking care of the patient. Although it is a small sincerity, I hope it will provide new energy to the cancer patients who are suffering mentally and physically.”

On the other hand, Ko A Sung will return to the drama after 3 years with ‘Crime Puzzle’ in the second half of this year.